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 The Emotional Fitness Hub, a private group about the journey from ambition to meaning.



The 16 questions to kickstart for your emotional fitness journey

The Emotional Fitness Formula

These 5 core principles significantly impact our capacity to handle life’s challenges. Having an awareness of who you are, the stage of life you are at, having clarity of what matters most in your life, a healthy emotional vocab and clean perspective is what it means to be emotionally fit.



These 5 core principles significantly impact our capacity to handle life’s challenges. Having an awareness of who you are, the stage of life you are at, having clarity of what matters most in your life, a healthy emotional vocab and clean perspective is what it means to be emotionally fit.


Identity - this how to build and grow a healthy and robust self -concept. Most crises in life, whether that be in our careers or in our personal lives, are a crisis of identity. Our true identity is not defined by ‘out there’ ie our professional and personal roles we play in our lives, but ultimately from within. Having a healthy robust identity means we can handle any uncertainties that life is guaranteed to bring.

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Life Stage – there are 4 distinct phases which most of us experience in our lives. This is understanding the emotional and values driven journey from ambition to meaning. As we journey through these life stages our lives become less about ourselves and more about others. These stages happen organically all on their own. One of the reasons people feel emotionally unwell is because they are mentally stuck in a life stage they no longer resonate with or belong to. They are searching for something else. Something more. This is an emotional hallmark of changing from one stage to another.

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Values – our ultimate emotional compass. When we follow this compass, we feel emotionally aligned. We feel good. When we don’t follow this compass, we feel out of sorts, we feel emotionally unwell. Our compass continually evolves and when we don’t keep up with who we are becoming, life can become a lot more difficult. This is typically identified when we have out grown a career, or a relationship, or a community and so on.

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Emotional Flexibility – being loyal to how you feel and allowing those emotions to be felt and expressed is very important when it comes to our emotional well- being. Ultimately emotional flexibility is learning how to language what is going on for us and learning how to express it well. This becomes a flushing out of emotional toxins.

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Perspective – a clean healthy perspective is tantamount to having a life of meaning and fulfilment. All perspective directly affects all our perceptions of our reality. The quality of our perspective influences our focus or thoughts. With all thoughts we induce a meaning, and the meaning we give our thoughts produces and emotion. When facing uncertainty we need to get things ‘into perspective.



Join the brand new global community: The Emotional Fitness Hub, a journey from ambition to meaning.



Become emotionally fit so you can reduce anxiety in uncertain times.


We were born with our mission in our hearts, our purpose is to look within, connect with that mission and bring it into the world. This is the essence of what it means to be emotionally fit.


Life is not about overcoming our problems. It’s about how our thinking created those problems and how we can change the way we think.



Being present in a training session with Joe is like taking a deep breath of fresh air and feeling your heart and mind expand and then feel hugged. Joe has a natural and unique ability to connect with the audience, bringing us all along on the journey of complex concepts that Joe expertly explains simply and relevantly, which for me have been life changing. Joe’s training is thought provoking and highly valuable to anyone interested in understanding emotions, growth and life itself. I cannot recommend Joe’s training highly enough! - Fiona Pace-Atienza, Comcare


“I found Joe to be a genuine, authentic caring facilitator of deep learning with an extensive knowledge of relationship building, which is readily adaptable to my professional and personal life.” - Mark Williams Principal St Martin’s de Porres Primary School.

"The most advanced sales training we have attended in many years" - Leo Gurney from Leo Gurney Real Estate


“With his vibrant personality and ability to connect, Joe gave me strategies and understandings to help me work towards making my life content.” - Debra Athaide Religious Education Leader.

"One of my favourite seminars. I hope I can hear him again" - Evden Karakurt Nicholas Scott Real Estate


“Joe is an exceptional presenter who uses his knowledge to adapt how he presents to his audience. He has given me significant insight into how I think and how my thinking impacts on my actions and perceptions of self and others.” - Andrea Fernandez, Advanced Learning Leader.


"It was truly a wonderful learning experience and how it related to my new career" - Lind Miller Wilson Real Estate 


‘Joe Pane has recently delivered two full-day workshops for the MCA’s Leadership Team. Joe’s knowledge, experience and care for others make his training relevant, meaningful and engaging. Joe is a great trainer, one of the best I know; and a pleasure to work with. We will be working with Joe on managers’ training later this year too.’  -Edyta Krygowska, Human Resources Manager at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia


"Fantastic! There's a lot that I can apply to life and work" - Chloe Maksimovic, Wilson Real Estate.


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