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2024 – An Opportunity to Begin Again

Uncategorized Dec 25, 2023

Every new year we have an opportunity to begin again. Whether that be in our attitudes, conversations which need fixing, or new intentions to pave the way forward to new horizons.

I love the last week of every year and the first week of the new year. These for most of us are peaceful weeks. Nobody expects you to get back to them. Most of us are in relax mode. Personally, these two weeks are the purest downtime weeks of the year.

It is in these two weeks that it is worthwhile taking a psychological reflective stocktake on both a micro and macro level.

The micro being 2023 itself. The macro being all your years so far. I often will reflect on where in my collection of years lived so far does the last year stand. I don’t do this in a spreadsheet kind of a way!! I do this from an emotional and connection-based way.

What am I proud of? What could have been done differently? Who am I becoming?

The most important focus point I believe we can have, is asking ourselves if we have progressed becoming unconditionally loving, compassionate, and kind human beings. Where have I let myself down? Where have I improved?

Hope you enjoy my organic free-range ramble in this episode.

Have a very happy Christmas and my biggest, best wishes for the new year ahead.
All my love


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