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Why we must let go of any psychic weight (and how to do it!)

Jul 28, 2022

According to one of my favourite spiritual teachers, Caroline Myss, we are shifting from physical five sensory consciousness to an energy consciousness. Both of these levels of consciousness operate with completely different laws! It’s like the land works in very different ways to the sea. You will never find fish in the forest and you will never see sheep in the sea.

In essence, what we are talking about is chronos time and Kairos time. Chronos is linear and has a horizontal axis, whereas Kairos operates vertically and operates independent of time. The experience of chronos time is effected by our perception of our past and what we think of the future. Kairos time is completely unaffected by the past and of any perception of the future.

Chronos is quantity, Kairos is quality. Chronos is the known, Kairos is the unknown. One of many ways of accessing Kairos consciousness is by letting go of any rigid, tightly held beliefs we may have of something. By surrendering this we open...

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How To Create The Clarity For What You Don’t Know You Want.

Apr 13, 2022

Most people on the planet can, with great clarity tell you what they don’t want. However, if we asked the same people what they do want, in most cases we would be met with blank stares, a vague response or most certainly would lack the same level of crystalline clarity.

Mostly, this is because what we don’t want, we have already had, and we either hated it, or we are bored of it, or a blend of both. Lots of people also remain stuck in what they don’t want. This is because of a secret addiction, an addiction to certainty.
This addiction comes in many disguises. “Better the devil you know…..” is the most common disguise. Most people would rather stay in that ordinary, relationship or job, which lacks love or any kind of joy because it its known. For most the unknown, is scarier than the known.

Ironically, the opposite is true. Given that growth is a perpetual need of the human condition, all growth is in the unknown. Staying in the known us scarier...

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The Age of The Unthinkable

Mar 02, 2022

As a collective we have all experienced living our lives the last two years in ways we could not have imagined.

At the time living in Melbourne, Australia,  I thought it unthinkable that  the police and the army would literally walk our local streets to insure innocent citizens are abiding new mandate directives.

Was unthinkable that a city like Melbourne, becoming completely desolate, and that if I went for a run more than 5km from my home, I could be fined for doing so.

It was unthinkable, that we could be fined for having visitors over. Was unthinkable to feel fear and uncertainty about hugging my parents.

It was unthinkable that I could deliver all my training sessions from a 15.4 inch laptop screen.

Was unthinkable to be running a conference for 100s of people from the incredible comfort of my favourite room in my home.

Was unthinkable that we could relocate our family from our home town of 50 years, leaving everything and everyone we know to go to a  beautiful...

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2022 and The Three Graces

Jan 14, 2022

Without the 3 graces it would be impossible to live. Our 3 graces provide psychological and spiritual oxygen to our very existence here on Earth.

These 3 graces provide us with extremely powerful and influential focus points which bring meaning into our lives.

The closest linguistic neighbour to the word grace is kindness. Personally, my intention is to bring these 3 graces everywhere I go with the greatest conscious effort no matter how easy or difficult it may be for this year and beyond.

Grace number 1: Faith. At the core of our faith are our values and beliefs. It is our faith (values and beliefs) which provide us with the ability to create meaning in all of our experiences. We are continually creating meaning everywhere we go. From our interpretation of a stranger’s glance through to a life changing decision or experience we may be having.

Faith means being loyal to our beliefs and values whilst at the same moment being open to new possibilities. The nature of our faith...

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What is your circle of fantasised truth?

Dec 24, 2021

That does not make sense! How can the words fantasised and truth go together? The core psychological construct which sits behind all ‘truth’ are our belief systems. Our belief system can be defined as a series of conditioned convenient assumptions.

Let’s be clear about truth first. Naturally there are universal truths that are factually present all the time regardless of what we believe. Gravity will always exist, evil exists, darkness exists, kindness and compassion exist.

The focus here in this conversation though is our interpretation of these truths and all the other perceptions of truths. It is our belief system which flavours and influences how we see truth.

The circle of fantasised truth depends on which part of the elephant are you touching whilst blindfolded. If you have never seen a whole elephant and you are holding onto its tail, then that is what an elephant is to you.

I recently have had a experience of this playing out in my life. We have our house...

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