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Fascinating quote from John Wick 4!!

Aug 17, 2023

To be frank, I never thought I’d be quoting from a John Wick movie, but here we are. Just recently I sat to watch John Wick 4 and in the penultimate scene (no spoilers here) John says to his dear friend, “ those who cling to death live”, his friend responds with, “…and those who cling to life die.”

What does this even mean?

Let’s go to first half of this mind shifting soul stirring string of words. “Those who cling to death live.” Clearly this is just my interpretation and I’m sure many of you would have a different slant or purview into this fascinating life insight.

Put simply, it is about being unafraid of death. How do we become unafraid? There are a couple of thought points I would love to share.

1. Practically every near death experience (NDE) that has been studied, researched and categorised, show us that when the NDEr comes back to full waking consciousness, any fear of death has been completely vanquished! In fact,...

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Letting Go of The Reign of Perception.

Mar 23, 2022

In life, we only have one thing that we can hold onto in order to experience anything. That one thing is our perception. No human alive has direct access to reality itself (unless you are a mystic…in that case you wouldn’t be reading this!). We only have access to our perception of reality. Our perception is our interpretation of what we are seeing, hearing and feeling.

If this is so, how do we let go of the reign of perception? If we could, what would we have left? Do we want to let go of its reign? Why would we wan to let go of the reign of perception?  This all depends on how important it is for you to be or become emotionally fit. This also depends on how much you value peace and stillness. Being emotionally fit, means we can effectively navigate life’s guaranteed uncertainties. It doesn’t reduce how uncomfortable uncertainty can be, but it improves our capacity to see clearer and make wiser decisions.

The 3 layers of perception are:


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2022 and The Three Graces

Jan 14, 2022

Without the 3 graces it would be impossible to live. Our 3 graces provide psychological and spiritual oxygen to our very existence here on Earth.

These 3 graces provide us with extremely powerful and influential focus points which bring meaning into our lives.

The closest linguistic neighbour to the word grace is kindness. Personally, my intention is to bring these 3 graces everywhere I go with the greatest conscious effort no matter how easy or difficult it may be for this year and beyond.

Grace number 1: Faith. At the core of our faith are our values and beliefs. It is our faith (values and beliefs) which provide us with the ability to create meaning in all of our experiences. We are continually creating meaning everywhere we go. From our interpretation of a stranger’s glance through to a life changing decision or experience we may be having.

Faith means being loyal to our beliefs and values whilst at the same moment being open to new possibilities. The nature of our faith...

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What is your circle of fantasised truth?

Dec 24, 2021

That does not make sense! How can the words fantasised and truth go together? The core psychological construct which sits behind all ‘truth’ are our belief systems. Our belief system can be defined as a series of conditioned convenient assumptions.

Let’s be clear about truth first. Naturally there are universal truths that are factually present all the time regardless of what we believe. Gravity will always exist, evil exists, darkness exists, kindness and compassion exist.

The focus here in this conversation though is our interpretation of these truths and all the other perceptions of truths. It is our belief system which flavours and influences how we see truth.

The circle of fantasised truth depends on which part of the elephant are you touching whilst blindfolded. If you have never seen a whole elephant and you are holding onto its tail, then that is what an elephant is to you.

I recently have had a experience of this playing out in my life. We have our house...

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The Spectrum of Perception

Aug 25, 2021

According to Dr David R. Hawkins, we cannot experience reality directly. All we have is our perception of reality. This means, for all of us, that reality is perception. All our perceptions are different therefore all our realities are different. Many assume that the way they see the world is the same as their neighbour or friend, when in fact they are different experiences of the ‘same reality.’

We have seen how true this is over the last year or two with all the goings on in the world. In fact, perceptions of reality have been stretched and divided even more, recently. Here’s the thing that can be difficult for us to recognise or even see. We are all talking about the same thing but from completely different vantage points.

To understand this more clearly, let’s turn our attention to water. Yes water. Depending on environmental conditions, water can appear in so many ways. At one extreme, under very hot conditions we have steam. At the other end of the same...

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No Such Thing As Signs.

Jul 29, 2021

Dear me could this be true? Well let’s go behind the behavioural scenes here and look at how signs are created on our reality. Firstly, we need to understand that we can’t experience reality. We can only experience our perception of it. Our perception is a very personal, unique, psychological construct which we create, whether we are aware of this or not. Gravity doesn’t require us to believe in it. It just is whether we believe in it or not.

We know from the world of quantum physics and consciousness research that what we focus on is all we will get to the exclusion of everything else. We can only experience one radio station at a time. What we do not focus on ceases to exist in our experience. All the radio stations which we cannot tune into still exist. Just not in our experience.

When I first began thinking about becoming a behavioural coach and trainer, I also considered very seriously perhaps becoming a personal trainer. I went to one of the highly regarded...

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The True Meaning of Having The Courage To Be You

Jun 23, 2021

I have always thought (and still do) think that having the courage to be you is to be more loyal to our own values than to the values of others. Extending this thought even more is having the courage to grow and embrace new experiences, both chosen and not chosen.

To dive deeper into courage let’s turn our attention to the wonderful words of Socrates describing Plato’s story called “The Republic” some 2400 years ago. This story’s central focus is Plato’s cave. Socrates described a group of people who lived chained in a cave all their lives. This whole time they faced a blank wall.

All they could see was this blank wall and some shadows reflecting on it from things passing by a fire behind them.

This dazzling show of shadows on this blank wall became their lives…completely. These shadows, sadly, would be the closest the cave’s prisoners would get to seeing reality. They had continually been told about this outside world. However, they...

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The Number One and ONLY Reason Why You Do What You Do.

May 24, 2021

Anything in your life that attracts you, whether that be a relationship, a certain career path, a new business direction or any of the above continuing in a wonderful way….is all because of one reason. This one reason is an unconscious driver behind all our actions, especially when it comes to relationship, career or even activities we enjoy immersing in.

That one unconscious driver is …growth. Everything we do is so we can grow. Let’s try this on. We can do this by reverse engineering what is being said here. In other words, lets take away growth as a massive contributor to our actions and see what we are left with. How long would a relationship last for if there was zero growth in it for you. What about a career or business path? How long would that last for without growth? What about any hobby or skill set you are learning or enjoying developing? No growth no interest, in the long term anyway.

To know and realise if this is accurate, we must once again turn...

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2021 – The Gaining of Wisdom and Letting Go of Knowledge.

Dec 24, 2020

Firstly, what is the difference between wisdom and knowledge? Whilst dictionary definitions of these words overlap in many ways, the main difference between the two, is that wisdom is applied knowledge, whilst knowledge can be ‘known’, but not necessarily applied or experienced. Another way of looking at this is knowing about something vs knowing something from experience. Most of us at some point have been guilty of information gathering about something but not applying it. That is, knowledge without wisdom. Wisdom has knowledge within it, but unapplied knowledge has no wisdom.

When we apply knowledge, we gain wisdom. In essence wisdom is created and expanded by what we experience, and knowledge is something we know about, without experiencing it. Whilst reading about baking gives me knowledge, the wisdom can only come from being in the kitchen and failing forward with our successes and failures. Wisdom runs deep, knowledge unapplied does not. Wisdom connects to our...

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If you believe in something long enough, it will harden into fact.

Mar 02, 2020

(3-4 minute read)

ALL beliefs are convenient assumptions. None of our beliefs are based on fact. If they were all based on fact, we would all have the same beliefs because we would all be experiencing life exactly the same way.

EVERYTHING we experience in life in ALL areas are filtered through our very own personal unconscious editing process. This editing process happens so fast most of us don't question it. Life for all of us is experienced as though what we see appears in our lives as 'that’s just how it is'. Life is never 'just how it is', life is experienced ‘just how we are.’

All of our convenient assumptions have been created by us as our interpretation of what we witness or observe or experience. Lots of our assumptions have been influenced by someone else, such as our parents or guardians or whoever we hung around lots before the age of 10. As we get older all our beliefs (assumptions) we think are true, become very real and harden into fact. If all our...

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