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Letting Go of The Reign of Perception.

Mar 23, 2022

In life, we only have one thing that we can hold onto in order to experience anything. That one thing is our perception. No human alive has direct access to reality itself (unless you are a mystic…in that case you wouldn’t be reading this!). We only have access to our perception of reality. Our perception is our interpretation of what we are seeing, hearing and feeling.

If this is so, how do we let go of the reign of perception? If we could, what would we have left? Do we want to let go of its reign? Why would we wan to let go of the reign of perception?  This all depends on how important it is for you to be or become emotionally fit. This also depends on how much you value peace and stillness. Being emotionally fit, means we can effectively navigate life’s guaranteed uncertainties. It doesn’t reduce how uncomfortable uncertainty can be, but it improves our capacity to see clearer and make wiser decisions.

The 3 layers of perception are:


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The Age of The Unthinkable

Mar 02, 2022

As a collective we have all experienced living our lives the last two years in ways we could not have imagined.

At the time living in Melbourne, Australia,  I thought it unthinkable that  the police and the army would literally walk our local streets to insure innocent citizens are abiding new mandate directives.

Was unthinkable that a city like Melbourne, becoming completely desolate, and that if I went for a run more than 5km from my home, I could be fined for doing so.

It was unthinkable, that we could be fined for having visitors over. Was unthinkable to feel fear and uncertainty about hugging my parents.

It was unthinkable that I could deliver all my training sessions from a 15.4 inch laptop screen.

Was unthinkable to be running a conference for 100s of people from the incredible comfort of my favourite room in my home.

Was unthinkable that we could relocate our family from our home town of 50 years, leaving everything and everyone we know to go to a  beautiful...

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What is your circle of fantasised truth?

Dec 24, 2021

That does not make sense! How can the words fantasised and truth go together? The core psychological construct which sits behind all ‘truth’ are our belief systems. Our belief system can be defined as a series of conditioned convenient assumptions.

Let’s be clear about truth first. Naturally there are universal truths that are factually present all the time regardless of what we believe. Gravity will always exist, evil exists, darkness exists, kindness and compassion exist.

The focus here in this conversation though is our interpretation of these truths and all the other perceptions of truths. It is our belief system which flavours and influences how we see truth.

The circle of fantasised truth depends on which part of the elephant are you touching whilst blindfolded. If you have never seen a whole elephant and you are holding onto its tail, then that is what an elephant is to you.

I recently have had a experience of this playing out in my life. We have our house...

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