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Fear is The Domain of The Ego, Love Is The Domain of Our Soul.

Nov 24, 2020

What if everything that showed up in your life was designed and placed there by you for a purpose?

To reclaim, to remember who you really are…

Everything shows up in our lives so we can make a choice. A choice of who we want to be. A choice which moves us closer to love, or closer to fear. Fear is the domain of the ego. Love is the domain of our soul. If we choose to react, we become a slave to our emotions. We become dominated by our ego. Fear becomes king of our psychological domain. All anxiety and depression issues are extensions of fear. Our soul cannot be anxious or depressed. Love is the existential domain of our soul.

In every moment we can choose. Our lives are filled on a daily level of many micro moments. It was literally just the other day I witnessed a micro moment. I was standing on the corner of two streets and a big truck was turning a corner and had to stop in mid turn to give way to a pedestrian. The car behind the truck tooted in a very angry way to the...

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