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The SINGLE Most Important Relationship In Your Life (NOT what you may think…)

Sep 05, 2022

Decades of research into psychedelics, dating back as far as the 1950’s reveals that in most instances the experience of taking a psychedelic of some kind, significantly expands our perspective. By expanding one’s purview on life, broadening our perspective, and seeing through the stories we tell ourselves, our perception of what has happened in our lives can change very quickly. Psychedelic means ‘mind or soul revealing.’

A neuropsychopharmacologist, called Professor Robin Carhart-Harris says, “A lot of mental illness appear to be a kind of defensive reaction to uncertainty. To give oneself a kind of assuredness in the world. Even if it means developing an eating disorder which gives us control over something.” Personally, I find this astoundingly crucial to realise!!

Th starkest of contrasts is if we are trying to unlock a padlock without the key seems nigh impossible, but if we have the key, it becomes the simplest task on earth to perform....

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Why we must let go of any psychic weight (and how to do it!)

Jul 28, 2022

According to one of my favourite spiritual teachers, Caroline Myss, we are shifting from physical five sensory consciousness to an energy consciousness. Both of these levels of consciousness operate with completely different laws! It’s like the land works in very different ways to the sea. You will never find fish in the forest and you will never see sheep in the sea.

In essence, what we are talking about is chronos time and Kairos time. Chronos is linear and has a horizontal axis, whereas Kairos operates vertically and operates independent of time. The experience of chronos time is effected by our perception of our past and what we think of the future. Kairos time is completely unaffected by the past and of any perception of the future.

Chronos is quantity, Kairos is quality. Chronos is the known, Kairos is the unknown. One of many ways of accessing Kairos consciousness is by letting go of any rigid, tightly held beliefs we may have of something. By surrendering this we open...

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The Ultimate Transformational Journey – The Only Journey Worth Committing To.

May 07, 2022

We are born with a unique blueprint. It comes with no manual or guide. Most people live out their lives not knowing, or understanding or even gaining full clarity of their blueprint. This is one of the reasons people find themselves stuck in one way or another. This stuckness lacks movement and we know by observing nature that anything that doesn’t move begins to die.

When we are stuck, whether that be in procrastination, or on the wheels of self - sabotage, lacking meaningful progress, we are vulnerable to anxieties and depressive moods. The way out of this emotional energetic quagmire is by learning how our blueprint functions and what is needed for it to operate effortlessly, efficiently and beautifully.

Not knowing our blueprint is like buying mini minor and taking it on a brutal 4 wheel driving track. It seems like a ludicrous analogy but this is exactly what most people do in their lives. Because of this they cling to what they have known, often way past its used by date....

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