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We become what we react to.

Jul 06, 2020

The most crucial conversation we can ever have is the conversation we have with ourselves on a daily basis. This filter-free, raw, unedited edition of our inner truths impacts our life experience, life situations and all relationships more than anything. The truth of where we psychologically live is determined by our inner reactions to life.

We become what we react to.

What we react to in life is a reflection of the themes that most often show up in our inner dialogues. To grow, develop and harness the awareness of uncritically observing what we react to, is a crucial skill in creating any form of change. The level of our inner dialogue flavours not only every experience we have, it also flavours the experience others have of us.

Most inner dialogues have become so habitual that we don’t even notice them. We don’t notice the impact it’s having on our life, and we then falsely conclude that life is ‘just how it is.’

For example, if our inner dialogue...

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