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Physical Fitness and Emotional Fitness

Nov 29, 2023

Just like physical fitness, emotional fitness has many dimensions. The goal of physical fitness is to feel good and move well. The goal of emotional fitness is for us to have a functional relationship with uncertainty. This means that we become equipped with the psychological resources to navigate life’s pressures. Similarly, we need the physical resources to handle life’s physical demands.

I am by no means an expert in physical fitness, but my own physical fitness journey has taught me that there are five key areas which seem to matter:

1. Identity - Core
Our identity is like our core strength. Core strength is what allows us to perform everyday movements like tying our shoelaces or reaching for something off a shelf. Without core strength or with a very weak core, we would experience the ripples in ways we would not enjoy.
Given the power of identity (what defines us owns us), we rarely psychologically stray from our perceived identity.

2. Life stage – Endurance.

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This One (simple) MASSIVE thing will CHANGE your life.

May 18, 2023

So many people on the journey from ambition to meaning, fail to realise their dreams, whatever they may be. Given that most have to work full time and more to finance their families and lifestyles, there doesn’t seem to be a way out of the ambition driven world and into the meaning driven world. The meaning driven world is a life of emotional, spiritual and physical alignment. A life which brings profound joy, and incredible satisfaction.

Well, let’s look at how we can change this, right now.

We all have flashes of inspiration to do something, or learn something, and/or work on something, which we know matters to our business or our lives or our relationships. The poorest and most popular excuse is ‘I don’t have time.’

What if I was to share with you the solution, the antidote, the way out of the quagmire of getting caught up in aimless, purposeless actions which only address dramas, obligations and distractions. To be clear, yes, we all have...

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This ONE THING can massively impact 2023.

Jan 10, 2023

It has been years since I have set ‘goals.’ The thought of setting another income goal, or health goal, or business goal I find draining, repetitive and boring. Goals are often confused with targets. Nothing wrong with targets if they help you focus, so go for it if it works for you.

What if instead we did this ONE new thing? This ONE new thing beautifully fulfils one our most important needs: our need for growth. This is our perpetual need. Without growth we die. Nothing stays still for very long. Everything in the universe without exception is expanding or shrinking, breathing out or breathing in, green and growing or ripe and rotting.

The precursor to growth is uncertainty. Uncertainty is presented to us in various forms. It can be experienced in an array of flavours and colours.

It can be experienced by embracing (instead of resisting) challenges presented to us. It can be invited into our lives as a form of adventure, or for some of us in the form of variety and...

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