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Squeeze this next decade or it will most certainly squeeze you.

Feb 25, 2020

I have come to believe over my time so far, that if we don’t take responsibility for all our results, non -results, actions and non -actions, that life will have a say.

A significant part of this responsibility, is to know the nature of how things seem to work. CS Lewis said “we don’t have a soul, we are a soul, what we have is a body.” I love this. I believe this. Our souls are designed to perpetually evolve, unite with others and engage fully in this wonderous experience of life.

For many years in my last decade my goal was to evolve, transform and become all I can. For a long time, I believed that to become this I had to ascend the ego.

I had to let go of the ego, I had to somehow function from spirit and not from my personality. Whilst this kept me entertained for a while, coming to the end of this last decade and the dawning of this new one, I now realise that for all of us to continue evolving and make meaningful contributions we need to immerse so we...

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