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This One (simple) MASSIVE thing will CHANGE your life.

So many people on the journey from ambition to meaning, fail to realise their dreams, whatever they may be. Given that most have to work full time and more to finance their families and lifestyles, there doesn’t seem to be a way out of the ambition driven world and into the meaning driven world. The meaning driven world is a life of emotional, spiritual and physical alignment. A life which brings profound joy, and incredible satisfaction.

Well, let’s look at how we can change this, right now.

We all have flashes of inspiration to do something, or learn something, and/or work on something, which we know matters to our business or our lives or our relationships. The poorest and most popular excuse is ‘I don’t have time.’

What if I was to share with you the solution, the antidote, the way out of the quagmire of getting caught up in aimless, purposeless actions which only address dramas, obligations and distractions. To be clear, yes, we all have fundamental responsibilities, of jobs, picking up and dropping off our kids, family obligations, financial obligations, sporting obligations and whatever else formulates part of your week.

Let me introduce to you something I believe is very special and very powerful. Please do not allow the simplicity of what I am about to share, minimise its very real impact!! This powerful insight comes from John Soforic, author of “The Wealthy Gardner”.

So here it is: its called an impact hour.

An impact hour is an hour of focused dedicated effort (done at least 5 times per week) to one specific task which directly leads to a specific critical outcome. This is the art and awareness of knowing what the right actions are rather than any action done right.

The power of an impact hour done consistently over a short period of time can create results most people will never achieve in a lifetime.  

I LOVE the saying, “nothing can happen for decades, but decades can happen in a week.”

Let me share a true story with you that, if you allow it to will change your life, and massively increase the chances of the success you are wanting, whether its next level success for you, or getting start on something that matters for you.

This is a story about an attorney who worked for a very busy law firm, where he dedicated a minimum of 60 hours per week. He was married, and he and his wife were having babies and their time was very full of life, young children do this!

In court one day he was moved by a testimony of a young rape victim. He felt so deeply impacted that he decided to write a novel inspired by what he heard that day. Writing a novel had never entered his psychological orbit….ever!!!

His regular start time at the office was 8.30am. He began going in at 5.30am and he would write for 3 hours (ie 3 impact hours). He would not answer emails or respond to messages, the mission between 5.30am and 8.30am was unconditionally dedicated to his novel – impact action.

Three years passed and with this impact hour by impact hour he had his manuscript! He even got it published!! The book? “A Time To Kill.” The author? John Grisham. Despite the book being published, it initially commercially failed dismally, but he kept writing, he kept up his impact hours. His next manuscript also got published. The book was “The Firm” the famous movie starring Tom Cruise, the book was an international best seller. Sales on his first book took off as well, and that became a famous movie starring a whole host of mega stars.

John Grisham, of course, is now a household name and has contributed hugely to anybody who loves reading thrillers. He is a legend. It all began with an impact hour.

What will you dedicate your impact hour to? Whether it be to something personal, spiritual or in business, the impact hour done consistently will deliver you the result of a  critical result. 





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