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Transform this, transform everything.

Over the last 17 years, having trained well over 7000 coaches who work out in the field, delivered 1000s of hours 1:1 mentoring, coaching and guiding people from all walks of life, having delivered 1000s of trainings, shared with 100s of conferences, and delivered well in excess of 10,000 hours of group coaching, there is ONE THING that impacts your potential more than anything else.

This ONE THING will most definitely decide your success, your impact and your quality of life. This ONE THING is a big deal. How YOU deal with this ONE THING will also determine the level of impact you can make on your client’s or teams lives.

That ONE THING is the quality of your relationship with uncertainty. There are only 3 ways to deal with uncertainty and only ONE of these ways will work. This is not my opinion; it is the very nature of the journey we are all on.

Most people try to go around uncertainty. That doesn’t work.  Some people stop in the face of uncertainty and freeze, and they get stuck on the wheels of procrastination, and that doesn’t work. Successful people embrace it and go through the tunnel of uncertainty. This is the only way that works. You want your life conditions to change, you need to go through uncertainty in some shape or form, not once but many times.

This is a decision. To decide mean to cut off from your past, cutting off all other options and just go through it. The more you wait the longer the tunnel gets. The more you try to go around it, the bigger it gets. If we decide to avoid, retreat or freeze, this will show up in our life as some kind of crisis. Health crisis, financial crisis, relationship crisis, career crisis or business crisis.

You decide to allow life to squeeze you or you can decide to squeeze it.

This is hugely important because your results are hanging on this, your capacity to love is hanging on this, your ability to impact is resting on this, in fact your life hangs on this. This may seem extreme, but not so if we understand the truth about uncertainty.

The truth is, as nature demonstrates in all its glory and power, that nothing grows until it meets an obstacle. Uncertainty is the precursor, the seed the ONE THING that is needed for us to grow. Growth is a REQUIRMENT            of life. Nature says, we are either growing or dying, expanding or shrinking, breathing out or breathing in. Nothing stays still.

Growth is the most fundamental perpetual need of the human condition. The most difficult challenges you have ever faced have followed with your biggest growth spurts! Growth of spirit, grit and capacity.

Avoiding uncertainty or freezing and getting stuck in the wheels of procrastination, prevents us from growing. In the meantime, as life continues, our responsibilities expand and evolve. To keep up with life’s demands we need to continue to grow. If we fail to keep up with who we should be becoming we begin to struggle, and this becomes one of the 100s of roads that can lead to anxiety and depression.

On the other side of the uncertainty tunnel is the next level version of you. The next level version of you needed to handle the next level version of life.

Our clients, teams and the people we are called to serve can only grow as much as we have grown. The more we grow, the more they grow. The more we all grow, the more everything else grows. Uncertainty is not a choice. It is a prerequisite for the sustenance and growth of humanity itself. Our mission is to embrace the straight and narrow pathway to transforming the lives of those around us. As coaches, consultants, trainers and leaders THIS is our mission. THIS is the call, THIS is progressing toward our worthy ideals.

If you would like to transform your relationship with uncertainty, and deepen your impact on the world even more, you may consider coming along to my  “Uncertainty Mastery Bootcamp” – a 3 part free training series starting June 29.



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